Moto Droid Smartphone Out-Sold iPhone in 1st 74 Days, Nexus One Lags, Says Flurry


Analytics firm, Flurry can
detect and count unique devices in the market such as Google Nexus One
and Motorola Droids.

Flurry estimated both sales of Nexus One Sales compared to Motorola Droid and the
first generation iPhone, among others.

chart above compares the sales results through each of their respective
first 74 days. The launch dates were: iPhone, June 29, 2007; Droid,
November 5, 2009; and, Nexus One, January 5, 2010.  Please note that we
forecasted the last few days of Nexus One's first 74 days sales based
sales of the first 70 days they tracked.

They noted that the Motorola
Droid edged out iPhone 1G over the first 74 days, coming in at just over
one million sold through. Flurry suggests that there are three underlying
drivers of Droid worth keeping in mind compared to the other two

1. Consumer Perception & Demand: Motorola
Droid launched over 2.5 years after the iPhone 1G. (Nov 2009 vs. July
2007). When the iPhone launched, consumers' concept of a mobile
computing device as we now understand it, was very different.

2. Relative Subscriber Bases: Droid
launched on Verizon, a larger network with more subscribers than
AT&T, especially when considering AT&T's 2007 size (63.7 million
at the time of iPhone launch) versus Verizon's 2009 size (89 million at
the end of Q3). Additionally, there was pent up demand among the
Verizon subscriber base for an iPhone killer, which is exactly how
Verizon positioned the Droid. Finally, Verizon backed the launch with an ad budget of close to $100 M.

3. Holiday
Season Sales:
Droid benefited from launching on Nov 5 and having its
first 74 days lifted by the holiday season, which is the highest
selling period of the year for handsets. Neither iPhone 1G nor Nexus
One's first 74 days spanned a holiday period.