Next iPhone Prototype Lost and Found: Next iPhone 4 Secrets Revealed

NewiPhone4open13.jpgThe iPhone snoops have been out again.  Gizmodo found what they call is the next iPhone 4 lost in a bar in Redwood City. It was camouflaged to look like an
iPhone 3GS

The Gizmodo sleuths dismantled the prototype iPhone 4 and found the following:

  • The new iPhone 4 is  4.5? x 2.31? x 0.37? and weighs 140g
  • The new iPhone has a sturdy luxurious feel.
  • The back is made of something very shiny it could ceramic coating instead of metal to allow better reception.
  • The body rim is made of milled aluminum
  • The display is improved but display resolution can not be determined because the leaked unit does not work completely. The display looks smaller than the 3GS screen but may have a higher resolution.
  • Thre is a  front-facing camera and the camera has a flash..
  • The 5.25 WHr at 3.7V battery has a larger capacity than does the one
    found in the 3GS.[
  • It uses a MicroSIM
  • The battery is 16% larger.
  • 2 volume buttons.

Gizmodo believes it is a real prototype iPhone 4 because Apple
has lost a prototype iPhone and they want it back. The phone was
deactivated remotely.  The person who found it said it was running OS
4.0 before it was released. It is recognized as an iPhone when
connected to a computer.