Top Ten Best Ways to Save Android an' Droid Battery Life - Tips Review of Reviews

power-control-widget.jpgWhen you enter the universe of Android an' Droid smartphones, you also find new ways to drain your battery very quickly. We reviewed all the best major resources for Android an' Droid support to find the top ten plus best ways to save battery life for Android smartphones .

Our favorite best thing to do first is to add the power control widget that controls many of the functions that drain battery power.

Add Power Control Widget (Android) - tap menu, add, widgets and "Power Control".  This widget shows you what features are draining your dear battery. This widget makes it easy to shut off Wi-Fi and bluetooth, as well as syncing. Tapping the screen icon, dims the screen to very low brightness.

Check Battery Use in Settings - From the Menu -> Settings, go to "About Phone", scroll and tap "Battery" status and level, then Battery use, it will show what is using what power so that you can mange power.  The Display on our Droid Incredible was at  9% power until after we changed the Display settings then it went down to 2%.

Set screen time-out to short
- from Settings-> Sound & Display -> Screen Timeout, set the screen time-out to the lowest setting you can handle. We found that 15 seconds was too short a time for us, you play with the setting to find a short setting you like.

Turn on Auto Brightness - Go to Settings -> Sound & display -> Brightness. Slide the brightness switch to the left to lower it or check the "Automatic brightness" box

Turn off phone vibratation - shutung of vibration can help too.  Go to Settings -> Sound & display -> Phone vibrate, uncheck the box next to"Phone Vibrate. The vibration uses power every time it use.  In settings you can also shut-off the haptic feedback, if you don't like it.

Turn off Live Wallpaper - tap the menu button, then tap wall paper and select a wallpaper that is simple, darker and not a "Live Wallpaper."


Advanced Android an' Droid Battery-Saving Setting Changes for Advanced Users - The Following  Battery Saving Tips, We suggest you only use if you are advanced user.

Turn Off Backgound Data Sync -If you don't use Google services such as Gmail and Google Voice from Settings -> Accounts & sync and uncheck the Background data box so that applications don't constantly sync, send, and receive data often. Note: then you will have to check your Gmail yourelf.

Disable "always on" mobile data - from Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks. Tap "Enable always-on mobile data" to uncheck the box. When you uncheck the box you get a warning.  Some apps won't work properly if they can' t check mobile data constantly.

Change auto-sync frequency  You turn can off or change the auto-sync functions for weather, news stocks. The settings are set differently depending on the app, and are found in Acounts Settings -> Accounts & sync. Select an account from the list and then tap "Account settings" to change the sync frequency you can also unchec auto-sync.

For Android phones that use 3g and 2g you can you the lower end 2G network which will take more time for the data but use less power.
Verizon suggests that you buy an extended life battery while others suggest other long life batteries.