MetroPCS Unlimited 4G LTE Launch in Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami & Orlando

samsungcraft.jpgMetroPCS has launched its high-speed 4G LTE network services in the Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami and Orlando metropolitan areas, with a choice of $40-$60 plans to be used on the Samsung Craft.

The Samsung Craft has a 3.3-inch AMOLED (Active-matrix
organic light-emitting diode) touchscreen and 2GB MicroSD card
that's preloaded with Paramount Pictures' hit movie "Star Trek."  It has a
slide-out QWERTY keyboard and Samsung's TouchWiz user interface to surf
and text messages, a 3.2-megapixel camera with flash and camcorder, and

  • The $40 service plan offers unlimited talk, text, 4G Web browsing with unlimited YouTube access.
  • The $50 service plan includes the same unlimited talk, text, 4G web services and unlimited YouTube access as the $40
    plan.  Additional features include international and premium text
    messaging, turn-by-turn navigation with MetroNAVIGATOR, ScreenIT,
    mobile instant messaging, corporate email and 1GB of additional data
    access, with premium features available through MetroSTUDIO (when
    connected via Wi-Fi), including audio capabilities to listen and download
    music, and access to preview and trial video content.
  • The $60 service plan provides the same premium features as the $50 plan, plus unlimited data access and MetroSTUDIO premium content, such as 18 video-on-demand channels and audio downloads.

You must buy an LTE-capable handset from MetroPCS.  When Verizon launches the iPhone 4 next month, it will have unlimited 3G Data but not 4G LTE.