AT&T Unlimited Calling to One Mobile with Unlimited SMS & Qualifying Plans

mobiletomobileatt.JPGAT&T will offer unlimited calling to any mobile number, starting tomorrow.  The option is called “Mobile to Any Mobile.”  In order to quality for the program, you have to have the unlimited SMS package and select Nation and FamilyTalk plans.

Karl Bode at Broadband reported that he contacted AT&T’s spokesblogger Seth Bloom, who confirmed the “Qualifying plans are AT&T Nation 450 and 900 and AT&T FamilyTalk Nation 700 and higher.”

The offer will be available for existing customers starting tomorrow.  Unlimited messaging is available for $20 per month on an
individual plan and $30 per month for a FamilyTalk Plan, which allows
for up to five lines.

The plan may help current AT&T iPhone users from switching to AT&T if they call one mobile number frequently. 

Upate 02/10/2011
- AT&T is advertising a new plan that gives unlimited calling and text to any mobile phone number in the U.S

"Mobile to Any Mobile is an exciting offer that will keep our
customers connected to the people they want to talk to, when they want
to talk to them, without the hassle of watching minutes," said David
Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer
Markets.  "We're giving customers more options and even better value. 
And when you include Rollover Minutes, a benefit available exclusively
from AT&T that lets customers keep their unused minutes for all
domestic calls, including to landline numbers, it's clear that AT&T
offers the most flexibility in the industry."