AT&T's HSPA+ Live in Lots of Major Metros Including LA, Bay Area & Puerto Rico

4GCoverage2.JPGAT&T's website now offers an interactive map that shows exact HSPA+ coverage in several major metros, including Los
Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Providence RI, Houston, Charlotte NC, Buffalo NY, Puerto Rico and Baltimore.

AT&T claims it has deployed HSPA+ to virtually 100% of
mobile broadband networks that enable 4G speeds when combined with
enhanced backhaul.  They are expanding enhanced backhaul to cell
sites throughout the country, adding new cell sites weekly.

You can look on the detailed map of your area to see if your neighborhood is dark blue and shows HSPA+.  When you look at the map, you will see outlying areas without coverage.
AT&T just launched two HSPA+ smartphones - the well-reviewed HTC Inspire and the super-dockable Motorola Atrix.  Both Android smartphones were named in the top best smartphones so far this year by Wireless and Mobile News.

See interactive map.