TS2R Wireless News: March 21 HTC ThunderBolt Release Date? In-Click 911 Calls, Smartphone Stats, Mobile Data & iPhone Apps

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HTC ThunderBolt Rumors du Jour - We've updated our HTC ThunderBolt release date article with new newsbytes.  The HTC ThunderBolt demo app is now available from Android Market, and rumors suggest that Verizon employees are prepping for the HTC ThunderBolt
launch date by activating SIM IDs for demo units.  Some speculators
suggest a March 17 release date, while others are using the "A" word, April.  The latest rumor from unknown sources and a Facebook page mishap from HTC is a March 21  HTC ThunderBolt release date.  Read all ThunderBolt by HTC articles.

Click-to-Dial Results from Google for Mobile Emergencies - When there
is an emergency, what do mobile smartphone owners do?  With fewer landline
users, in emergency situations they search Google on their mobile phone. 
In November, Google started showing emergency numbers on the top of the results list
for terms, such as poison control, suicide and emergency situations.  Now they have added click-to-call to the emergency
information results.Berg Insight Insightful Smartphone Stats - According to a new research report by Berg Insight,
2010 global shipments of smartphones increased 74 percent to 295
million units.
  Total global users increased 38 percent year-on-year to an estimated 470 million active users in 2010.  Although high-end devices tend to get the most attention, the primary growth will come from medium- and low-end smartphones.

Mobile Data to Exceed $102 Biillion in 2016 Says ABI - Mobile data plan revenues will grow at a compound annual growth
rate (CAGR) of nearly 9% and are expected to exceed $102 billion
worldwide by 2016, according to latest ABI Research forecasts.

iPhone Apps in Billions More Competition Coming
- According to ABI Research's estimates, the iPhone interface had
notched up more than 5.6 billion accumulated downloads by the end of
2010, compared to nearly 7.9 billion total downloads from all stores
during that year.  However, Apple is set to face more intensive
competition in 2011.