iPad 2 Scarce: Sells Out at Apple Stores, Priced High on eBay, How to Get iPad 2

AppleiPad2line.jpgThe price of the iPad 2 is escalating on eBay, with prices of iPad 2 tablets going for as much as 53% over the original prices.  Apple stores that receive morning shipments are selling out of inventory by the afternoon.  So what is the best way to get an Apple iPad 2?

Apple's online stores show a three to four-week delay between buying and shipping.  When you buy the iPad 2 from Verizon Wireless, it shows a 3-4 week shipping delay.  If you don't have time to wait in line, you may want to just wait for online orders.

Reviewers praised the new iPad 2 for its thinness, faster processor, and two cameras but also found features that were lacking (read review).  However, people love to have the latest technology that is hard to find.

We called our local Apple store and was told that we had four calls
ahead of us.

By 1:17 pm, they had sold out of all the iPad 2 models except
for the 16GB Black for Verizon.  The rep told us that they have been
selling out of iPad 2 tablets after they get them in the morning.  The
store opens at 10:00 am for the general public and 9:00 for iPad 2

Your best bet to get an iPad 2 is probably to call your local Apple
store, find out when they are getting an iPad 2 shipment, and go there
at 9:00 am.  Be careful to bring a non-Apple branded bag to carry it home.  We would like to remind you that when the original iPad came out, there were many robberies.  In fact, one iPad buyer lost part of his finger when an iPad bag was ripped from his hand by a thief.  You may want to consider insuring your iPad 2 for theft from Safeware.

The iPad 2 is selling on eBay with huge price increases.  The 16GB, Wi-Fi-only iPad 2, which retails for $499, had an
average selling price of $697, which is $198 higher.  There is as much as a $264 additional cost on the 64GB model and a $406 price boost on the top-of-the-line 64GB model with built-in 3G.

In our opinion, although buying an iPad 2 on eBay seems easier, it's
making a profit for some and is also encouraging a Black Market.