HTC ThunderBolt Restarting after Update Glitch, Return, Reset, & Don't Update

HTC Thundebolt Froum.JPGThe HTC Thunderbolt recently received an update that may have caused customer smartphones to reboot several times a day.  HTC is telling owners who get new HTC ThunderBolts to not install the update.

The restarting issue should be fixed by the next update to Android 2.3.  However, if you are experiencing the glitch and you can't wait, your best bet is to go into a Verizon store and exchange your HTC ThunderBolt for another one.

Apparently, problems started after the update.  Some HTC Forum members have found that, after backing up settings and performing a factory reboot, the HTC ThunderBolt will go back to the previously shipped software, and their HTC ThunderBolt smartphones no longer experience the problem.

It is rumored that Verizon employees will be getting the update to fix the problem before customers will.
Here's what HTC Forum members reported:

"I called HTC earlier.  And they do acknowledge it as a problem unlike
Verizon did.  They are working to get a fix."

'''Ok, so here is what HTC support says to do.  You need to call support. 866-449-8358 (North America) 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern Time (every day) They will help you."

"I called today after having my Thunderbolt reboot three times within one
hour.  The only suggestions they could give me was to do a factory
reset and also that it might be GPS related."

"I am having the same issue now and its really pissing me off.  I went
through 3 phones and 2 sim cards before they finally figured out that
they needed to change a modem setting in my phone, so that I could stay
connected to the network."

"Called them again this morning and was told that its a known issue and
that right now all they are doing is replacing the phone."

"I did let Verizon send me a like new device.  I have no had a reboot
since getting the replacement and also am now getting better battery
life than I did with the original phone.  This phone doesn't have the
update installed.  I talked to HTC and they told me not to install any
updates until they released that they had a fix for the current problem."

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