Android an' Droid App: FEMA Disaster Preparedness & Apply for Aid App

FEMAapp.JPGFEMA released it's new Android an' Droid app, yesterday. The FEMA app is designed to help prepare and deal with disasters such as fires, hurricanes and earth quakes. It also helps disaster survivors to apply for assistance from FEMA.

The FEMA app offers:

  • Preparedness information for different types of
  • An interactive checklist for emergency kits
  • A section to
    plan emergency meeting locations.
  • Information on how to stay safe and
    recover after a disaster.
  • A map with FEMA Disaster Recovery Center
    locations (one-stop centers where disaster survivors can access key
    relief services) and Shelters.
  • General ways the public can get involved
    before and after a disaster.
  • FEMA Blog.

The app is available for free from Android Market.