iPad is Still the Tablet Leader Even Without Steve Jobs as Leader, Says ChangeWave

ChangeWave Reasearch iPadChangeWave Research reported that even with Steve Jobs gone the did not impact demand for Apple's iPad. The iPad dominates satisfaction and future preferences with only one competitor on the horizon Amazon's Kindle Tablet.

A recent survey showed that only 4% say Jobs’ resignation makes them Less Likely to buy Apple products in the future, while 89% say it’s having No Effect on their purchasing of Apple products.

The Apple iPad remains the overwhelming choice for planned tablet purchasers. Among companies planning to purchase tablets for their employees next quarter, 80% say they’ll buy iPads – unchanged since the previous survey. That is except for bargain hunters whose overall top choice is the HP TouchPad.

For those planning to buy a tablet in the future Apple continues to dominate, with 85% of planned buyers saying they’ll get an iPad. The closest competitor is the Samsung Galaxy Tab with 4%.

iPad owners are the most satisfied. 70% of consumer iPad owners say they’re Very Satisfied with their tablet device. That dwarfs the Very Satisfied rating of all of the other manufacturers combined (42%).

Even the Amazon Kindle doesn't hold a candle to the iPad. A total of 2% said they’re Very Likely and 12% Somewhat Likely to buy a Kindle Tablet when it becomes available, making it the first possible competitor to iPad. Now if Amazon could reduce the cost, with say advertising down to $99 the KinTab could sell like HP TouchPads.