Top 10 Best: HP TouchPad, HTC Jetstream, Vigor, Holiday, Rhyme & Droid Bionic

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Most Read Top Wireless and Mobile News Stories this Week in Review:

It has been a tabulous and LTE week at Wireless and Mobile News with the tablet that will not die and the first LTE tablet from AT&T, while faster smartphones are being released and leaked.

  • Although sold out, there are still a lot of bargain hunters looking for a super-cheap HP TouchPad tablets, even analyst Canalys reported that HP should bring it back, while TouchPad scams are appearing to generate web traffic and anxiety.
  • Reviewers loved the Drioid Bionic and  gave it Editors' Choice. Benchmark tests of the Droid Bionic show it bests many of its competitors but the Samsung Galaxy S II scored higher in Quadrant and GLBenchmark tests.
  • The HTC Jetstream Review of Reviews revealed the super fast speed of the new AT&T LTE network.
  • HTC is expected to announce new smartphones on September 20, some of the usual suspects our readers wanted to know more about are the HTC Vigor (aka Droid Incredible HD) and HTC Holiday.
  • A photo revealed the HTC Rhyme formerly known as the HTC Bliss, which will only have 3G data access.
  • Verizon launched 4G LTE in more markets making the total of 143.
  • AT&T launches LTE in five markets today.