Samsung Galaxy Rite- Heir 2 Awaken Axiom? No Nexus?

samsung GalaxyWhats in a name?  With Samsung smartphones the name starts off with Galaxy followed by a number or a name.  The Samsung cosmos with be filled with new Galaxies shortly according to Federal Trademark filings.

We know from previous reports that Samsung Galaxy S  followed by Pro means a "QWERTY" keyboard and other numbers for 4G and LTE access. The Samsung Galaxy keeps expanding so we want to make sure you don't have black hole in your Samsung name knowledge.

The new Samsung Galaxy names are smartphones with these monikers:

  • Samsung Galaxy Awaken - 2/16/2012  specs shouldn't wake-up the young coffee crowd because it is not followed by the S and number.   Since it doesn't have a Nexus in the name it won't be the first to launch a new version of Android.
  • Samsung Galaxy Axiom - 2/16/2012 Axiom comes from Latin and Greek roots that mean worthy. Will the Samsung Galaxy Axiom be worthy of your carrier?  We'll know eventually.
  • Samsung Galaxy Heir - 2/16/2012 will this Heir be apparent to Wi-Fi?  We think so also cost less than the Samsung Galaxy S II.
  • Samsung Galaxy Rite - filed 2/16/2012 coming  from the greek and latin for arithmetic it meas "prescribed from governing words."  Then  it could also be a pun for "write" and be Samsung Galaxy Note-like and act as handwriting notepad.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace and Mini are Android 2.3 Gingerbread-powered mid and entry level smartphones with screens less than 3.8 inches and single core processors, which leads us to believe that smaller screens and single core processors will be included in the specs of the Samsung Galaxy Awaken, Axiom, Heir and Rite. Galaxy doesn't always mean Super AMOLED touchscreens either. The Samsung Galaxy Prevail at Boost Mobile is also a single core Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone with smaller 3.2" touchscreen.

Suspected Specs of Samsung Galaxy Axiom, Awake, Heir and Rite:

  • Android in some form.
  • Touchscreen.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth,
  • 2-5MP camera.
  • microSD card slot.
  • Samsung UI enhancements and apps.

If you want to have fun with names other unannounced trademarks are

  • Samsung Joy
  • Samsung Fresh
  • Samsung Core

Which sound like dishwashing liquid, deodorant and a new aerobic exerciser.

Samsung in 2011 was the top smartphone maker, selling one million smartphones more than iPhones.  We can expect many more innovations this year.  The Samsung Galaxy S II was the named the top best smartphone of 2011 by numerous reviewers.

The Samsung Galaxy S II line of smartphones and latest model Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets will be updated to Android 4.0 sometime in the first quarter of this year.