AsusTransformer Pad Infinity Primed Double-Sided Teased & Release Dated?

Asus TaichiAsus likes to transform things. The Asus Transformer Prime is a tablet that turns into a netbook computer with an additional keyboard. The Asus Padfone starts off  as smartphone that docks into a tablet that turns the phone into a tablet.

Asus is playing hocus-pocus transforming operating systems and has some doubling tricks up its sleeves for Computex in what they call Teasers. On device could mean some double-crossing, or maybe a double deal.

Asus has released a video in anticipation of Computex 2012, that talks about something with a little bit of Windows was and a little bit of Android. Windows is the preferred operating system for business tablets due to security and compatibility across the board. Android is the preferred operating system for mobile users. It's like the Reeses peanut butter cup when peanut butter and chocolate are placed together.

"All-in One is No Longer in One" for endless possibilities.

There are two drops of water one Android and one Windows.  There's more doubling with the teasing for Computex using the words for Tai Chi suggested a two sided device.  Could it be a tablet on one side and an eReader on the other?  Maybe a camera/mirror. Wait a finger touches a the dot in the "Chi" maybe it is a tablet with two-sided touch?  We'll find out in few days...

 Asus has also released a new video showing off the Asus Transformer Pad for the best of all possible worlds. Meanwhile IDG News reported the Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T tablet, will become available in late June or early July, a company spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

The excitement starts May 31. Hey that's today.

Two sides will unite,too in TaiChi. What happens when two become one, and one becomes two? It has two.side but can be many things. Is this teaser video teasing one or two new ideas?