HTC EVO 4G LTE Update Release Date 5/24 No One X/S News, Yet

ICEThe HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE were held up in customs last week due to an ITC order.  It appears that some of the devices are making it through U.S. Customs.

Sprint has confirmed that HTC EVO 4G LTE preorders will ship this Thursday.  We have not word on the HTC One X from HTC, yet.

The Sprint support page reported

"Customers who pre-ordered HTC EVO 4G LTE…Your wait is almost over! Sprint expects to begin shipping HTC EVO 4G LTE for arrival on or around Thursday, May 24 to customers who pre-ordered the device online from Sprint.

We will provide details on the full national launch as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone who has been patient while waiting for their HTC EVO 4G LTE. We will continue to update this post as additional details are available.

HTC told investors

"Each imported HTC model must be reviewed by Customs and will be released once Customs officials have completed the inspection. Some models have gone through inspection and been released to our carriers customers. We don't have the status of each specific device model at this time, but we are working closely with Customs. We remain confident that this issue will be resolved soon"

It has been reported that there may be shortage of  HTC One smartphones.

The HTC official Twitter account today reported, "We don't have any news to share about HTC One,..."