Stolen AT&T Cell Phone Help but Not iPhone, Android or Windows Phone

Stolen PhoneApple picking is a popular practices by thieves in trains, when iPhones are harvested by criminals. Carriers, recently signed an agreement to create a database of stolen phones to help stop the resale of stolen phones.  AT&T has launched a webpage for stolen phones while only offering advise to iPhone, Android and Windows Phone owners.

The webpage gives safety tips and tells customers what to do if a phone is lost or stolen.  users must log into their my AT&T account and suspend service. For prepaid GoPhones, AT&T off there's a toll-free number to call.

The webpage also promotes insurance and protection plans. Mobile Insurance and Enhanced Support purchased separately cost $15.99, but now you can get both services plus Mobile Locate for just $9.99 per month.

the website also warns buyers of used cell phones and gives finders an opportunity to turn in a loss cell phone.

For iPhone owners AT&T sends customers to the Apple iPhone website. For Android owners, they tell them to buy an app. For Windows Phone owners they also suggest buying an app.

Smartphone iPhone owners should remotely wipe data because iPhones can be iWitnesses to crimes.

The FCC and CTIA are working with police departments to thwart the black market by a stolen smartphone database, education, remote data wipe  and prevention.  Carriers have agreed to create a lost/stolen cell phone database.

The most important thing security analyst, Robert Siciliano, suggests is that you password protect your smartphone.  He was able to buy used Android smartphones on Craigslist and retrieve personal data along with porn.  Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has "face unlock" which has been spoofed by photographs.