Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) Review of News/Release Date Roundup

Samsung Next Big ThingThe Samsung Galaxy S3  will be the premier smartphone this summer, if you have a choice of carriers, there are some slight differences in release dates and what comes included with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Here are the announced release dates and some noted differences:

  • T-Mobile - release date  changed June 21 in limited quantities, no preorders, free 50GB of DropBox cloud storage. 16GB $229.99-$279.99, depending upon plan. Full release could in retail stored could be delayed until 6/27.
  • Sprint - preorders started, release date June 21, only carrier to offer Google Wallet support. Preorders closed 6/21, Sprint said 16GB may arrive a little late while 32GB maybe two weeks late. 16GB $199.99 and 32GB $249.99 pricing.
  • AT&T - preorders started, no free DropBox included, ship date shown in Best Buy stores June 18 (actual date not confirmed), also available in Red.  $199.99 16GB model, only with microSD card option.
  • U.S. Cellular -  web-only preorders start June 12, available in July. 16GB $199.99 and 32GB $249.99 pricing.
  • C-Spire - announced but no official realease date yet.  The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the first 4G LTE smarpthone on the network.
  • Verizon Wireless - (no official release date yet) preorders started, suspected 6/28 release date, no free DropBox included, email order confirmations suggest a July 9th ship date and global roaming is confirmed to be supported later in the summer. 16GB $199.99 and 32GB $249.99 pricing. Verizon Wireless' website is showing a 7/9 ship date. Learn how to keep unlimited data when you order before 6/28.

NOTE: These dates are current as of this writing if you have an update, please tip us via the tip page or comments.

UPDATE 6/14/2012 12:08 PM PDT:  Verizon Wireless has changed the "will ship by" date to 7/10 which could mean that it has sold-out of previous stock or someone at Verizon read this article and fixed the date.  Whatever it means the Samsung Galaxy S III will be out in July from Verizon Wireless.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is making record sales all over the world.  Preliminary analyst predictions show that it may beat out the iPhone depending on the next version of the iPhone.  Reviews of the international models have been excellent.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 include curved 4.8" Super AMOLED touchscreen, Android 4.0 ICS, new voice features, 8MP camera, S Beam information/media, eye monitor keeps screen on while viewing,  Allshare, Wi-Fi and Samsung Media Hub.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is already on sale in Europe and to promote  there is an unleash your fingers dance on YouTube.