Secure Enterprise Super Timely Information with No Lag

KaazingTIBCO Software Inc. and Kaazing Inc. announced today that the Kaazing's JMS 3.5 release is powering TIBCO Web Messaging for TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, the enterprise-strength messaging solution for mobile and web applications.

The platform is a new tool to enable Enterprises to use live data communication securely with no latency.  Speed and security are  important because while several enterprises rely on live data, setting up the necessary security protections creates a time lag. Timely information is important for companies such as, traders, stock exchanges, airlines, casinos, banks, and any company that  depends on real time information.

 The product allows organizations to service the growing demand for information via mobile and web channels with as much as 500 times lower web overheads compared to traditional HTTP, leading to improvements in performance and reducing total cost of ownership.

 TIBCO Web Messaging for TIBCO Enterprise Message Service version 3.5 and Kaazing’s JMS Edition offer:

  • Bi-directional communication with guaranteed message delivery to end users.
  • Wide client API support including Javascript, Silverlight and the newly added iOS Objective-C.
  •  Mobile applications can still receive messages even if disconnected or not running (backgrounded).
  •  Ability to close all inbound firewall ports for maximum security while still allowing web-based users access to data.
  • Support for legacy browsers without application code changes.
  • Scales to the most connections with the least amount of infrastructure.