iPhone/iPad Applications Today for Email, Watching, Socializing, Sharing, Opening & Seeing

App RapportThere are many new apps and patent applications for the iPhone that were in the news today including MailBox, Stop & Frisk,  Seasaw, GetGlue and Skype updates. Two new patents by Apple show a new unlock feature and enhanced hearing aid capability.

  • Email can be overloading, so much so that at there are 260,000 waiting to download a new free app called MailBox that promises to end inbox clutter by giving users action steps with each email including, resolve, delete, file or schedule it for later.Emails can be turned into to-do lists, and you do tasking in batches. Tech blog have gone wild over it, calling the best email app ever.
  • Stop & Frisk Watch App is a police documentation tool to document abuse by New York City Police released by the New York Civil Liberties Union.  Users can record video, audio, locations and other things notice when a police officer stops someone.  The app also has a listen feature to let you know when others in the area are using the app.
  • New GetGlue - GetGlue the social media app for social TV, movies and sports has updated its Feed, Guide and Show Pages functions.  They also announce a new advertising product.
  • Seasaw Decides- helps friends poll each other with photos to make decisions with voting buttons.  An example would be showing two different handbags and voting button. One a poll is created and those art-house the results are displayed instantly on the screen.  Users can also see the questions other people are having.
  • Skype iPhone Update - the iPhone version of Skype has been updated to 4.5.  The new version automatically reconnects a call is dropped, fixes bugs and one-to-one chats appear in correct order.
  • Diapers 4 iPad - Diapers.com announced their iPad app, with shopping car, reorder, search and browse for baby's most needed clothing application.
  • Carfax Mobilzes - Carfax for Dealers' mobile app has exceeded 200,000 downloads. The company points out that Access to Carfax Reports is vital to many dealers' acquisition and retail process.

Apple Patents New Features

Who is this a picture of unlock for iPhone? - a new Apple patent shows an unlock feature for security that would require people or to identify one or more objects shown on the screen to unlock. For example the phone shows a picture of a person and a list of names and you have to select the name of the person by sliding an icon across the screen.  Number unlocks are easy to see and remember. However a thief probably doesn't know what you're Aunt Alice looks like or the name of your dog or cat.

You Can Hear Me Now iPhone  - another patent filed by Apple shows an iPhone hearing aid system that would automatically tag if the iPhone is being used by a person wearing a hearing aid.  There is a sensor that detects the hearing aid and changes the phone to hearing aid compatible mode.

iPhone Tip for Broken Home Button - you can going into setting, general, accessibility and then turn on Assistive touch to create a white dot on the top left corner of your screen that you can drag anywhere on the screen.