X Marks the Nexus Brand 4 5 & Beyond? with 800TB KS

Nexus 5Now that we know what the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is really like, pure Android users are looking towards the concept of the mysterious Motorola X, NXT, Nexus 5 or whatever it you call it.

The name Motorola X showed up in a job placement advertisement in January Then the NXT line turned out to be fake. Recently the latest Motoroal X-escapade is that the X means its a Motorola product that get fast upgrades to Android.

All the X could  mean to those who have had updates promised (like Motorla Atrix owners) is that you will guaranteed one full Android version update after the phone, which could keep you going  for a year or two.

The Motorola X phone which some still think will be the Nexus has had more "dreamed" unlikely features put on it for some time such as unlocked for Verizon, LTE radio and top-of-the-line features for a rock-bottom price.

Recently, more rumors were thrown into the Motorola X Nexus 5 mix:

  • Configured by the buyer, who chooses RAM, color, storage.
  • Unlockable bootloader.
  • Octa-core processor.
  • Setup contacts, apps and more when you order the phone.
  • Google subsidized for a very cheap price without a contract.
  • Released in June after Google I/O.
  • Gesture controls.
  • Customizable wallpapers, ringtones and apps when you buy it.

A tipster using a PhotoShopped image of  the 5.2" Hero H9500 with a new logo on it claimed that the Nexus 5 would have 3GB of RAM, 5.2" HD OLED touchscreen, 16MP camera with three sensors, 3300mAh battery, front stereo speakers and LTE.

Let's see what did we forget we had a tipsy tipster tell us that the Nexus 5 has a 800TB KS.*

Some are calling these rumors of the Nexus 5 a fantasy. We call it C.R.A.P. (Creative Rendering Around Prototypes) which doesn't even get supported by conjecturatti and bogusazzi. Others just call it a fake while some believe it is real.

The reasoning is that when the Nexus 4 was launched it had the fastest best specs going (except for LTE) therefore Google will best itself and do it again.

Whatever happens all we know for sure is that there will be customer service problems with the Nexus 5 like occurred for the Nexus 4 way back to the Nexus One.

There are also really crazy fun things we'd like to throw in as well as those found in the Samsung Galaxy S4  such as:

  • Works with Google Glass.
  • Gorilla Glass 3.
  • Take photos with front and rear camera at same time.
  • Compatible stylus - G Pen or X Pen.
  • Car dock.
  • Matching Bluetooth earrings.
  • Lie detector device to send to "authors" of these rumors that's prevents their brains and hands from publishing any more garbage about Motorola X or Nexus #5 5s or 6 phones.

 *KS stands for kitchen sink, because so far the specs have included everything but the kitchen sink. Heck we threw in an extra 800 terabytes of storage in your kitchen sink, which is better and cheaper than cloud storage. Anything else, the flexible screen hasn't shown up lately, yet  either.