Nexus GS 4 without the Samsung Galaxy & Nexus 4 $ Pricing

While Nexus 4 fans are waiting for the next Nexus or even signs of a Motorola X, Google announced a pure Android version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4.  It is called a "Nexus" user experience but does not have the rock bottom pricing of the Nexus 4.

This GS 4 is unlocked(bootloader) to work with either LTE for T-Mobile or AT&T and will sell for $649 when released on Google Play on June 26. The GS 4 will have "prompt system updates" from Google.

SNexus G S 4ome are calling this Samsung Galaxy S 4, the Developer Edition without Samsung's TouchWiz interface. Ovum analyst Jan Dawson believes that Google is selling its own GS 4 to negate complaints that the Nexus 4 was not ideal for use with LTE or has a good enough camera.

The Google Nexus sales page has not been updated. We have a call out to Samsung's PR team to see if they have any more information.

Current specs of the GS 4 are 1.9GHz quad-core processor, 5" HD (441ppi) screen, infared for TV remote, 2600mAh battery, adapting display, Gorilla Glass 3, temperature/weather sensors,  13MP camera, 2MP front camera, Wi-Fi, GPS and 2600mAh battery.

Many have called the GS 4 the "kitchen sink" of software on a smartphone, this one appears to loaded without the kitchen sink.

There has been no word from Google, yet if there will be a Nexus 4 with more features or a Nexus 5.  When the Nexus 4 was originally announced it was delayed to Super Storm Sandy.  It looks like Google and LG have not been able to keep supply up with demand for Nexus 4 sales.  Samsung has the edge because the company also makes the components while the rest of the smartphone world has to wait for supplier to delivery the latest technology.