SF Silences Phone Rad Posting Like CTIA Asked

CTIA is no longer holding its conventions in the city by the bay because it had a law that required cell phone sellers to post signs warning of the risks of the phone's radiation. San Francisco will not enforce radiation cell phone warning signs after a lawsuit was filed by CTIA.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to accept a permanent injunction against the right-to-know cell phone law that would warn buyers of cell phones that could cause cancer. CTIA proposed that warning placards would "confuse" consumers. San-Francisco-bridgetraffic-thumb-200x132CTIA is made up of major cell phone carriers and makers including Verizon, AT&T, Samsung and Apple.

The city gave up the fight because if the city lost, it could have been fined  $500,000 in attorneys' fees. The FCC claims that cell phones are consider safe.  Last month the FCC agreed to reconsider its ruled that have been around for 17 years.