T-Mobile Full Refund Deals after AG Settlment for iPhone 5 or HTC One.

We learned that the Washington state Attorney General worked out a plan for T-Mobile customers who bought T-Mobile service and equipment between March 26 and April 25, 2013, can get a full refund.

We had some questions regarding the refund, there is not ETF fee and plans can be pro-rated over the month for The Attorney General deal and some other polices with T-Mobile.  T-Mobile raised the down payment price for iPhone 5, today, which is still the best deal for iPhone on any major carrier.

Answers from T-Mobile's PR reps appear below:

iPhone 5 T-MobileQUESTION: If a customer chooses to cancel their service with T-Mobile before their month of service is up, will they be refunded the rest of the month’s charges for service?

ANSWER:  Please do not confuse this agreement between T-Mobile and the Washington State AG with our current Simple Choice service plan. Instead, the agreement and the “refund” that customers can receive is focused only on those customers who purchased hardware (a phone, or other mobile device) by financing it using T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan (EIP). If a customer is using T-Mobile’s “Simple Choice” service plan, there is no contract and they are free to leave at any time, if they are dissatisfied with service – this is unchanged from when we first announced this new approach to no-contract service plans. The final bill will be pro-rated so that it only includes charges for services used prior to, and up to, the date of cancelation.

QUESTION: Are customers charged a restocking fee if they choose to return their device and cancel their service with T-Mobile?

ANSWER: No, a restocking fee will not be charged for customers who purchased a device between March 26 and April 25, 2013 using T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) to finance the purchase of the device if they decide to return the phone for a refund – these customers will receive a letter notifying them of their options, with a specific end-date, pursuant to the agreement with the WA State AG. While a re-stocking fee will not be charged, the device does need to be returned to T-Mobile.

View all details of the refund from the Attorney General.