iPhone 4/4S/5 iOS 7 Update vs Samsung Galaxy S 3-4/Note 2

It looks like Apple took its cue from the features that the Samsung Galaxy S III, Note II and 4, with its refresh of iOS 7. Let's compare what features are very much alike in iOS 7 coming to iPhone 4, 4S or 5 that are currently available on many of the Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones and phablets. Previously in court hearings Apple claimed that Samsung stole its icon style. Maybe Apple borrowed from Samsung this time around.

Control Center iPhoneGS4notificationsColors and Controls iPhone 5s vs GS 4?

  • Colorful icons in the new iOS 7 are similar to Samsung's TouchWiz, both have a blue hue to the main screens.
  • Control Center in iOS 7 looks like the drop drown controls "Notifications Shade" on Samsung Galaxy S devices which is a dull black.

Photo Sharing & Features

  • iOS 7 offers Moments an album feature for photos which is called in Story Album in Galaxy lingo. The Galaxy S 4 has Dual Shot, Sound & Shot, Drama Shot and Group Play.
  • iCloud Photo Sharing is somewhat like the Group Play feature, photos videos and comments in the stream can be shared with members of the stream.

Multiple Tasks

  • Multitasking in iOS 7 lets you tap the Home button twice to see preview screens of Preview Mode iOS 7 multitunctionGalaxyS4the apps you have open. To quit an app,  swipe it up and out of preview. The screens look like small versions of the apps running.
  • The Multi Window function Samsung Galaxy creates a panel along the side or bottom of the screen to switch and see views that can be minimized down to half of circle.

AirDrop vs S Beam

Apple added AirDrop which is similar to the S Beam on the Galaxy S III, Note II and GS 4. The Galaxy requires that the phones tap and the recipient accepts the file. AirDrop uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with encryption, while S Beam uses NFC.  When the AirDrop file is received the recipient chooses where the file is saved. In AirDrop you are automatically seen by your contacts or others you want through the Control Center.

Talking Search Assistants Siri vs S Voice

  • Siri came first, then S Voice on the Samsung Galaxy series, but now Siri can be male or female and search Bing giving different results that the Google only results on Android.

Read all the new features in the iOS 7 update.

Which interface is better? If you don't look at the hardware, it is your choice, which do you prefer.  It does appear that Apple continues to be simpler and easier to use, because it more familiar to what we already know.

We are expecting a new iPhone 5s in the fall, when this software is combined with new faster hardware, which will you like better?

The differences are getting harder to tell, nowadays between the Samsung Galaxy and Apple Universe. You get to decide where you spend your mobile time.