T-Mobile MetroPCS BYO GSM Deals & Cheaper Samsung Galaxy S 3

T-Mobile fast 4G and LTE speeds are coming to MetroPCS - customers in some metros along with a new Samsung Galaxy S III compatible with the refreshed network or you can bring your own compatible GSM phone (from AT&T).

T-Mobile expects the full takeover of MetroPCS by converting customers by 2015. Part of the plan is that when customers upgrade to offer bring your own or new devices that can take advantage of the shared resources.

stayinloveThe first major move was MetroPCS in Boston, Dallas, Hartfort and Las Vegas customers can bring a GSM phone to the network through MetroPCS with MetroPCS plans.

T-Mobile announced the migration of MetroPCS customers onto its 4G HSPA+ and LTE network is ahead of planned schedule

In Las Vegas and Hartford Connecticut, MetroPCS is offering the LG Optimus L9TM and Samsung Galaxy ExhibitT.

MetroPCS started selling  refreshed version of the Samsung Galaxy S III, which will take advantage of 4G LTE in addition to a nationwide 4G HSPA+ network. They are offering 100 OFF the Samsung Galaxy S III  selling it for $349.99.

Bring your own iPhone or Android Phone plans start at $40 a month, if the AT&T phone is unlocked, you can bring it to MetroPCS store be unlocked. So far this deal is only for the four newly launched metros.  You will have to buy a new SIM card for your recycled phone.

T-Mobile is combining and optimizing spectrum. "Independent third party tests of the company's 4G LTE in Las Vegas conducted before and after the addition of MetroPCS spectrum show that its 4G LTE has the fastest average download speeds in the city, with an increase of nearly 50 percent."

With approximately 60 percent of MetroPCS customers upgrading their phones every year, it is expected that migration of customers will continue at a rapid pace.