TS2R: Moto X, Cheapest iPhone 5, 5S/ iPad mini Retina Delay

Since it's Friday and many are on vacation or planning a vacation, we decided to cut down the news into bits because it was 'Too Short 2 Report" as well as "Too Hot to Report" in Los Angeles.  The news revolves around the Moto X launch, new early device upgrade plans, iPhone 5S/iPad mini/5 production and new Virgin Mobile releases.

TS2R Wireless News8/1 Marks the Moto X Spot.

We will finally learn all the details surround the assembled in the U.S. Moto X from Motorola. Motorola has sent out invitations to the media for an event on August 1 in New York City.

Jump! to Next or Jump?

This week AT&T announced its Next plan with lots of upgrades will require a spreadsheet and calculator to figure out the true cost over time if it is cheaper than the T-Mobile Jump! plan Consumer Reports make a chart showing that in one year the AT&T Next plan costs more for unlimited Talk and 3GB of data for an iPhone 5.  It's hard to compare the plans because the T-Mobile Jump plan includes insurance.  You definitely want insurance because all the plans for early upgrade require that your trade-in your iPhone in working condition. We made several comparisons and if you want to keep your iPhone 5 over time Virgin Mobile. and Straight Talk are then cheapest deals around.

Optimus Gone from LG Naming?

LG announced that the next smartphone will the LG G2 and henceforth all premium phones will have the "G" branding. LG's premium 4:3 display smartphones will be called "Vu." going forward. All of LG's smartphones feature next generation core technologies and familiar UX with each series highlighting a different facet of the company's product expertise.

iPhone 5S Delay Relay.

There have been reports that the iPhone 5S has been delayed in an effort to make the screen 4.3" which will delay its release until the end of the year. (Bloomberg) While Jefferies' Peter Misek  wrote that these is no delay and production will start later this month including a lower-cost iPhone 5 for $300-400. Apple iPhone 5 shipments reached 29 million noted Morgan Stanely analyst Katy Huberty.

iPad mine Retina on Time iPad 5 Resolved to Higher Resolution.

DigiTimes reported that the iPad mini will have a retina display made by LG and it will be ready to be release in 2013 on time.  LG wi.l also ship 1-2 million display planes for the 5th generation iPad rumored to have a 2048x1536 pixel resolution.

There's Map App for That!

Apple has bought Locationary for an undisclosed price. Locationary users can submit map corrections and local business data. This acquisition may help Apple's poor mapping features in iOS.

LG Optimus F3 @ Virgin Mobile

LG has not announced what is happening with the Optimus name but new Optimus is out today from the Virgin Mobile. The LG Optimus F3 for $179.99 features a 4" touchscreen Android 4.1.2, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. LTE, 5MP camera, and LG apps. The price of the Optimus V at Virgin Mobile has been reduced by $80.