Nokia Lumia 928 Rebound for Nokia Before Lumia 909/1020 Says Amplified Analytics

Nokia will be making an announcement in New York on July 11 for what many expect to be the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 909 (formerly called 1020 or EOS) with a 41MP camera. Some contend that it will beckon the comeback of  Nokia. However, when Amplified Analytics looked into customer satisfaction and engagement with the Nokia Lumia 928 from the past few months, Nokia already showed a big rebound.

Nokia Lumia 928 buyers are shown to be extremely satisfied with their phones to the point that they are engaging in social media with high scores from Amplified Analytics.

Nokia Lumia Social Engagement"There are early signs of a breakaway success Nokia Lumia 928. While it's advocacy rate is 12% below it's well received predecessor, the Nokia Lumia 900's Net Promoter Score® , it's Social Engagement Rate is 264% higher than the Lumia 920," said Gregory Yankelovich, analyst at Amplified Analytics.

"If this trend continues, combination of higher customer experience scores and significant increase in social engagement will likely result in increase of Nokia market share of Window phones in the next few quarters," added Yankelovich."

Earlier this year, Amplified Analytics reported that Nokia Lumia products exceeded their customers’ expectations by a much wider margin than their top competitors and the smartphone segment average.

In the fall of  2102, HTC  Windows Phones were showing the highest rankings.

Previously, Amplified Analytics showed that its customer engagement scores reflected a change  in consumer spending on smartphones in advance of other industry reports that monitor sales and shipments of smartphones.

The data for Amplfied findings was collected before the announcement that Nokia will give a trade-in value of up to $300 when you buy a new Nokia Lumia smartphone.  The promotion gives up to  $250 for an iPhone 4S, $210 for a Samsung Galaxy SIII or $250 for a HTC One in the form of a prepaid Visa Card.

Many Lumia buyers gave up their iPhones.  Amplified Analytics found that 17% of Nokia Lumia 920 buyers were former iPhone owners. Earlier this year, Samsung  held 31% of all customer engagement.

Amplified Analytics also offers a smarpthone recommendation tool based on desired qualities.