Samsung Galaxy Note Releases, Processors, Gear B4 iPhone 5S

NoteunpackedIn anticipation of the September 4 Unpacked Samsung event in Berlin, there have been multiple leaks around the Samsung Galaxy Note III and other associated gear about a week before the big iPhone reveal on September 10.

The Samsung unpacked event will be streamed live on the Samsung YouTube channel and in New York's Times Square.

There is leaked list of what countries will get the Exynos 5 Octa (eight core) processor versus the QUALCOMM Snapdragon 800 processor.  Americans will have to live with QUALCOMM and the Snapdragon processor.  The delimiter as to which country gets which processor has to do with the LTE deployed in that country. Release dates are expected follow in the fall.

There is also supposed to be a third Galaxy Note III with dual SIM card slots for China, only. All models will have 3GB of RAM.

Previously, it was leaked that the Samsung Galaxy Note three with a 5.68 Full HD 1920x1080 Super AMOLED touchscreen, 16/32/64GB of on board storage, Android 4.3, 3,200 mAh battery an microSD card slot.  The case of the Note III will be the same size as the Note II but with a larger screen as was the case with the Samsung Galaxy S4  and the S III.

Lee Young Hee, executive vice-president of Samsung’s mobile business said: "We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long. We are working very hard to get ready for it."

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is also expected to be revealed at the unpacked event it could act as a second screen or be the full smartphone itself.

These high-end products however, can be costly to the labor who makes them.

In a Samsung factory staff has to put a smartphone together in under 33 seconds.  The Brazilian Ministry of Labor has filed a lawsuit against Samsung for poor working conditions of 600o employees.  2000 employees in 2012 were reported to have issues with repetitive strain injuries at the factory.