Sony Xperia i1 like Z aka Honami Event 9/4 B4 IFA

As expected Sony has invited the media to an event before IFA in Berlin, on September 4 when it expected the Sony Xperiz i1 aka "Honami" will be announced.

The invite says "you are invited to the IFA Sony press conference an exclusive booth unveiling."

The invite ends with the Sony logo and the words "make.believe".  sonyifaThere have been rumors mounting that Sony is working on its own super camera phone to rival the Nokia Lumia 1020 codenamed "Homami." it reportedly has a 20MP camera that will be its primary focus for consumers.

Other rumors suggest that the Xperia i1 will have a 5" HD touchscreen, 2.3GHz quad-core 800 GHz processor and 2GB of RAM.  it could also have an expandable physical lens, that works like a SLR camera.

As more and more people adopt to using their smartphone's as their primary camera, smartphone makers have been upping the ante on camera features.

The Sony Xperia Z is the combination of a high-end 13MP camera, Sony Bravia TV screen, rugged water-proofing and slick design that went on sale at T-Mobile in July.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 has a 40MP camera but was criticized for it price of selling for $100 over other high-end smartphones.

The best selling Nokia smartphones however are the budget-priced Nokia Lumia 521/520.