Best Cheapest: iPhone 4/5S/c, iPad, Android Samsung Galaxy Smartphone & Tablet Insurance

securrantyLosing or damaging a phone or tablet can be detrimental and waste a lot of time. Handset and device insurance can provide a service without interruption. The cost for fixing devices without handset insurance can be very expensive. Therefore, if you are dependent upon your smartphone or tablet for your life, you should consider insurance.

T-Mobile is the only carrier to include insurance with its service. Providers of smartphone and tablet insurance include:

Cheapest without Deductible

Securranty claims it covers  drops, spills, reception problems or cracks, starting at $49.99 a year for iPhone 4 or $59.99 for iPhone 4S/5s that include parts, labor and replacement with no deductible. Coverage available for New or Refurbished iPhones purchased in the last 30 days.  When you buy coverage for three years, you get the largest discount and cheapest coverage.  Three year coverage is especially useful if you give your phone to another family member. Coverage includes same day serve at the Apple Genius Bar. iPad coverage starts at $59.99 a year while Android tablets start at $12.99 a year for a tablet valued at around $100 a $250 tablet can be insured for $29.99 a year.

Best Known

Square Trade - plans protect against, drops, spills, mechanical, display failures, port breakage and other malfunctions. Free shipping for repair.  Prices from $7.99 @ month for iPhone with $50 deductible and $6.99 @ month for smartphones with a $99 deductable.  iPad 4  coverage for two years within 30 days of purchase is $99.99 a year. SquareTrade frequently runs the latest devices through damaging tests on YouTube to the tune of millions of viewers.

Most Effervescent  Device Insurance

Protect Your Bubble - plans cover accidental damage, liquid damage, theft, loss, and mechanical failure.  Plans start at $7.99 a month with $120 deductible for iPhone and $100 deductible for other smartphones. iPad plans start at $7.99 a month while tablet plans start at $9.99. We were not able to determine the deductible for tablets.

Most Options

ProtectCell - along with device damage, liquid damage, other damage, or loss it offers  data and personal information/stolen identities protection and even a guaranteed buy-back price as well as device locate, erase and back up. With its à la carte menu of services it's hard to compare plans. Protect Cell Complete with $150 admin fee for device replace is $129.99 a year for the iPhone 5 or $199.99 for two years.

The more consumers do on mobile phones and tablet the less they can afford to be without them, and interruption in service is often considered unacceptable in today's connected world. The proliferation of device usage, coupled with larger screen sizes, increases the likelihood of device loss, theft and damage.

While  protection programs cannot prevent a device incident, they can certainly ensure customer get back to using their devices without paying too much or losing productive time.

I've seen tablets and smartphones destroyed by spilled liquids. After I spilled water on a $800 device, I wished had insurance.  The next one I  bought, I also bought insurance.  Almost two years after purchase, there is still nothing wrong with it.

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