The Ultimate Handwriting Touchscreen Test: Samsung Galaxy S4 & LG Optimus G Pro: Drill vs Cheese vs Fig vs Toothbrush

figtestMany users don't release that that LG products and the Samsung Galaxy S4 come with ability to change handwriting into text. What we found even more interesting is that you can use all sorts of things as a styluses (styli) besides your fingers.

Last year, Nokia was the first to deliver a touchscreen that you could use with gloves the Nokia Lumia 920. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has to ability to be used with gloves and some fruit. The LG Optimus Pro has fairly good sensitivity and could have great oral hygiene (see videos below).

We talked to makers of the touchscreens Synaptics and found out that the manufacturer determines the sensitivity of the screen, the size of the point and the pressure needed. In general, the object used as the stylus must transmit electrical current. Human bodies have electrical current. Fresh fruits and vegetables or even cheese can transmit electricity. However, a dry twig or certain metals are not conductive enough to transmit electricity.

You'll see what fun we had testing all kinds of instruments to be used as a stylus.

Recently, I bought a stylus at the 99 Cent Store and it works very well for smaller screens where the keyboard is to small for fingers. I have wide fingers and often hit the wrong key or small screened keyboards (4" screen and under).

As far as handwriting recognition goes on the Samsung Galaxy S4, we found that it worked very well as long as we constructed the letters without a big angel and didn't leave the screen. The LG Optimus Pro because it has a bigger screen was a little easier to take notes.

  • We put two products to our own unique test with some suprises using the following. If the product was not used in the video, it means it did not work.
  • Gloves.
  • Wooden pencil with no point.
  • Space pen.
  • Light bulb.
  • Lipstick.
  • Fig (Black Mission)
  • Hersey Kiss.
  • Cheese (low-fat string cheese)
  • Power drill (electric).
  • Electric toothbrush (Braun).

We don't advise that you use the electric drill on your phone. You'll see that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG Optimus Pro were able to to interpert the drill only as a graphic not as text. The toothbrush did an excellent job of erasing the screen. The tooth brush because of the bristles and toothpaste was able to generate enough electricity to clean the screen of plauqe.

For those who are used to taking notes with a pen the Samsung Galaxy series and LG Optimus or LG G2 note taking capabilities can be very helpful.

4.5 / 5 stars