Connected Car: LTE & Diagnostics Delphi vs Automatic for iPhone

delphiSoon cars, such as those made by Audi and GM will have built-in LTE.  Currently, many in-head infotainment units connect to services via a smartphone or cellular tablet data connection.  There are some new devices and services that can give car owners, car buffs and parents peace of mind through technology.LTE in cars can be used a Wi-Fi hotspot by passengers, real-time navigation, streaming content, Internet radio, social-media apps or Diagnostic tools/data.

You don't however need to buy a brand new car in the future for mobile hotspots or diagnostics. In fact both we fond two products that are very helpful the Delphi Connect with Mobile Hotspot and Automaticicon.

Both devices ensure that you never forget where you parked car and tell you how the car is driving both devices connect to the OBD-II port on the vehicle.

Diagnostics & LTE from Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless in its holiday deal flyer shows the "Vehicle Diagnostic Tool. with Mobile Hotspot, the Delphi Connect with LTE Hotspot" for $199.99 when you add the device to a Share Everything Plan you get an additional 1GB  of data for three months.

Cars made after 1996 have event data recorders (EDRs) and diagnostic ports. You can check on the Delphi website to see if the tool will work with your car.

You install apps on your smartphone or computer and you can check your car's location, how much juice in the battery, alerts, recent trip distances and use as key fob to start the car.  Here's the fun part, for nosy spouses or parents, you can receive an email or text message when the car goes over 75.2 mph or even 50 mph.

With Delphi you have the ability when not in the vehicle to track it live.

Use of the Delphi Connect and Delphi Connect with 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot requires activation on a Verizon plan and a separate $5 monthly Delphi Connect subscription charge.

Automatic an Automatic Response, Co-Driver and Warning System

If you don't need Wi-Fi hotspots and just want a diagnostic tool, Automatic is another option.

Automatic  also offers accident support and car locating. plug Automatic Link into your car's compute.  It uses low-wattage Bluetooth to send information to iPhone 4/4S/5/5s. (A new Android app is coming in December.)Automatic is $99.99 and now carried by Best Buy it comes in White.

The Automatic device and app gives you all kind of driving suggestions regarding, rough braking, speeding, and rapid acceleration. Automatic detects  serious crashes using the Link’s built-in accelerometer. Agents from Automatic report emergencies to local authorities. The agent will call family members and give them details, too.

Automatic notifies you of Engine Trouble Codes mean and what you should do about them.

If you just need mobile hotspot service most mobile hotspots from carriers will work in vehicles and the passengers can use them for whatever they want connected tot he Internet.

Research and Markets reported today that software updates will be important and that customers will pay for them to keep their car's devices up-to-date.  Connected cars will grow 41.2% by 2018 and account for 50% of car shipments by 2018 with a total of 59.86 million units totalling $98.2 billion in 2018. The Automotive Semiconductor Industry is estimated to be $18 billion by 2018.

Privacy advocates are concerned that not only Google and carriers will collect your data but also car makers as well as car device makers....