Deal Today: FreedomPop Mobile Hotspot-Free Data ($24.99)

As many of our readers knowbestdealspart1, we've been exploring the best deals for all times of cell service, including free cell phones that are government subsidized to freemium and prepaid options. Today we found a great deal for free data from 1Sale.com .

FreedomPop offers free mobile hotspot data up to 500MB a month or  $0.02 MB for overages.  The only thing you have to pay for upfront is the device.

1Sale.com  is offering the FreedomPop mobile hotspot for $24.99 a 75% discount. Unused data rolls over to the next month. The 4GB plan is $28.99 a month while the 2GB plan $17.99 a month. In an exclusive promotion at 1Sale.com , you get 2GB free first month data, plus 500MB of bonus data if you activate your FreedomPop Photon within 7 days of receipt, and one month of free FreedomPop Premier Service.  The 1Sale.com  includes free shipping. You can connect via Wi-Fi up to 8 devices.

Currently there are no programs to provide a free smartphone with data service in the United States.  There have been rumors that such a program, in the works at the FCC, however, we have not been able to verify when and if it will happen.  In the meantime, an investment of $24.99 will get you free 500 MB of data which is enough for email and very light web surfing.  This could work for someone who just need some Internet access.

The free government cell phones have limited minutes, usually around 250 minutes, enough to look for work or call a hospital in case of emergency. For more information see our comparison of Freedom Pop vs. Gov't or Tracfone/Virgin Mobile deals.  You should also be aware that you are limited to one cell phone per economic household.

Free cell phone providers ask for proof of income.  Different states have different income requirements. In general, if you are making minimum wage, you most likely qualify.  If you are student living with a parent who has a Lifeline phone of any kind, you do not qualify for the program.

A very popular carrier for families with multiple phones is MetroPCS offering  $25 unlimited talk and text is for each family member in the family plans.  The best deal we found for an iPhone is  Virgin Mobile, read comparison of deals.

Wireless and Mobile News has found many great deals for our readers.  We found some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and expects some spectacular after Christmas deals in the next week.