Moto G - On Sale in U.S. $179 Cheaper than X & Nexus 5

motog2Motorola announced the Moto G a step down from the Moto X at a cheaper price than the Nexus 5 without LTE for $179. Motorolans call it "Pure Android Exceptional price."

The good thing about the Moto G is that an Android 4.4 KitKat update is promised. There are some reports of parse errors when sideloading apps.

Moto G comesĀ  with 8GB of storage, a4.5" LCD 329PPI touchscreen, Android 4.3, 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and 5MP camera.

You can buy a color back case to make it brighter.

As an added bonus the Moto G comes with 65GB of Google Drive. The battery is supposed to last a day. Google claims its a more "pure" Android experience without a bunch of "bloatware."

Assist software learns how you use the Moto G and then changes the settings.

Google recently had some problems with the MotoMaker website for the Motorola X on Cyber Monday and is offering a new deal on Cyber Wednesday.