Best Super Bowl 2014 Apps 4 iPhone, Android, Windows & BlackBerry

NFLmobileappFootball fans in the stadium at work or home  have apps to help keep score and see plays in new ways. Super Bowl ready apps help with directions, live video streaming, complaining about sexist ads and of course ordering pizza.

Those who are attending the "Big Game" have many options to beat the traffic such as using Google, Bing or Apple maps with live traffic to get to the game.  Most mapping apps also have public transit options.

Video Watching of the Super Bowl on Sunday

NFL Mobile from Verizon Wireless is available from the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone and BlackBerry World. 

"Live video streaming of the game, is a Verizon customer exclusive," said Albert Aydin, spokesman for Verizon Wireless.

The NFL app for all carrier customers includes:

  • Breaking news.
  •  Up-to-date scores.
  • Customer team alerts.
  • Video highlights.
  • Live news.

Verizon Wireless NFL Mobile premium customers have exclusive access to the Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2nd for $5.00 a month.

Fox Television and the NFL app will  stream video during the Super Bowl, however those inside the stadium will be blocked from streaming video of the game via Wi-Fi and or cellular for apps and mobile web browsing.  This decision was based on the fact that last year, video streaming used too much bandwidth. The data hogs prevented fans from texting and tweeting the game.

What is the way around it?  Bring a portable TV set and connected it to your car for power for the tailgate party from WNYW Channel 5 from New York.  You can also take a small battery TV with you, if you crave video at the event.  We have a call out to WNYW in New York to confirm that it is possible and are waiting for call back. People we talked with who live near the area, noted that they usually have decent Fox reception from New York City.

Super Bowl Stats News & Updates

Another great app to have for the game is ESPN SportsCenter apps for iPhone, Android or Windows Phone that offers:

  • Instant scores and updates on the biggest games of the day as well as your favorite teams.
  • Breaking news and analysis.
  • Multiple notification options: for kickoff, scoring play, substitution, final whistle or tidbits of breaking news.
  • Twitter integration.

Bronci and Seahawk Applications

The Denver Broncos will play the Seattle Seahawks in the MetLife Stadium in East New Brunswick, New Jersey. Depending upon  which team you are cheering for, you can download the Seattle Seahawks (iPhone or Android) for news or stadium check in or you can get Denver Broncos (iPhone/Android) news, stats, interviews and tracking.

Weather Apps for Super Bowl Day

Most smartphones now have weather apps.  Some of the most common used ones are Weather Channel (Windows Phone), Weather Bug and AccuWeather(Windows Phone) for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android.

Data and Cellular Network Coverage

Verizon Wireless and AT&T have beefed up their systems for their customers.

Last year, AT&T reported fans used 388GB of data, 80 percent more total data traffic than  during the 2012 Super Bowl game in Indianapolis, especially during the power outage and Beyoncé’s halftime show. AT&T customers, last year in the stadium made more than 73,000 phone calls.

TV Tuning App

If you are watching TV at home you download the THX tune-up app, connect your iPhone or Android to the TV or A/V recevice with an HDMI adapter or special cable and set to calibrate your TV to optimal settings.

Commercial Hating Apps?

For Super Bowl 2013, Samsung aired special LeBron James' commercials with Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd.

GoDaddy will air commericals this year. If you and your female friends and family will be able to voice your opinion of the Super Bowl ads sexist or offensive adds with the  Not Buying It app .  The idea came from Twitter campaign during the 2013 Super Bowl game in whichover 10,000 tweets were sent with #NotBuyingIt hashtag – 7,500 of which were directed at @GoDaddy.

With #NotBuyingIt app, you can create, join and win campaigns against sexism in the media.

The name stems from a Twitter campaign during last year’s Super Bowl, when over 10,000 tweets were sent using the #NotBuyingIt hashtag – 7,500 of which were directed at @GoDaddy.

Fox Game Watching Apps for Web & iPad

 You can watch the game on your laptop on desktop through or on your iPad via Fox Sports Go app  Interneton Sunday, Feb. 2. It will also features the Spanish-language broadcast.

Snacking Pizza Apps

Check your pizza apps for the best deals from Pizza Hut, Domino's and Papa John's pizza. The Pizza Hut app lets you order seven days in advance, get coupon/deals and pay by credit card.  The Domino's apps lets you track your order and offer coupons as sell as special deals. The Papa John's app lets your order, pay and find special deals.

Anything else?  Be sure to leave you favorite Super Bowl-related apps in the comments below...