Ford App Sync Finalists with OpenXC

FordevelopersconferenceThe finalists were announced for the Ford App contest in Las Vegas, during Super Mobility week.  Here is list of the winners who will come to Los Angeles for Connected Car Expo at the LA Auto Show.

Ford is asked developers from around the world to show how to reimagine and repurpose surface parking lots in Los Angeles using software and apps.

The OpenXC platform gives developers access to more than 15 types of vehicle data, including those related to vehicle speed, engine speed, fuel-level, and things like whether or not the windshield wipers are on or if a door is open.

There is a Grand Prize of $15,000, second prize is $7,000, third prize $3,000. There is also the OpenXC Integration Prize  of $2,500, while the popular choice gets $2,500. There will be a non-cash, recognition only for Large Organizations.

Ford’s Innovate Mobility Challenge Series expanded its open innovation approach to eight regions around the world: Lisbon, Portugal; Mumbai, Delhi and the Chennai region in India; Los Angeles, United States; Johannesburg, South Africa; Shanghai, China; and, a countrywide challenge in Argentina.

There were days of programming at Super Mobility Week with teams particpating.

Live Drive , Joyride, Pure Focus, Map Radio, Trace, Fuel Signal, myLifeSync, Ford iAlert  and 3sAcrowd for full descriptions of the apps read the companion article at AUTO Connected Car.

There were the pre-show Ford App Developer Conference  Ford Hackathon  and Ford App Pursuit. There had to be a lot Ford apps pursued.

Ford later in the show asked other global carmakers to participate in the open source platform for smart cars.

OpenXC allows consumer devices, such as smart phones, to access data from any vehicle. OpenX u can monitor many of the sensors on a vehicle, enabling new and innovative vehicle-centric applications.  Developers can start developing without any hardware using  Python or Android libraries.

At Super Mobility Week,  Mary Chan is reported to have said that GM/Chevy OnStar is not opening its apps, instead letting customers use their Android or iPhone with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.