Review: Why Liquid Web is the top best web host with great cheap discounts

liquidwebphotwithstartsLiquid Web is best known for its heroic tech support and fullly managed dedicated servers. We at Apropose have a long history with Liquid Web to enable us to honestly say they have the best customer service we have ever experienced. We started using Liquid Web servers in 2009.

We have found that Liquid Web is the best web host for businesses that don't want to hire a staff web developer. Let see why.

Many businesses do not plan for the unexpected and don't have options for when a website becomes so popular, you need to expand your memory (RAM) and your disk space to deal with a breaking news story or major publicity.

When we first started publishing Wireless Mobile News, we were using popular inexpensive web host. There are few problems that occurred with that web host. The very first problem was that illicit and explicit websites were hosted on the same IP address as business products. Without knowing it, Wireless and Mobile News frequently was banned by filters which decreased advertising revenue.

The absolutely worst thing that happened with that previous web host was that the most popular day of the year, Black Friday. In some years we made as much as $14,000 on Black Friday. This very black Friday, indeed,  the entire system of the cheap web host went down, losing hundreds of dollars in ad revenue. They offered a few dollars to make up for the crash.

When we were looking for a web host the first thing, we did was cal  web hosts to talk to them to find out what kind of people they were and support offer. We immediately felt comfortable with Liquid Web  because they are customer focused helpful Americans. We speak the same language. A popular web host that was later bought by GoDaddy, had tech support in Los Angeles. However, they did not answer technical questions and were not helpful.

Web hosting is the most important way you show your business to the public it's not just what the website looks like it is how the website performs.

Liquid Web VPS Hosting

We started off with the VPS hosting plans that included free data transfer by a live person who made the transition very easy. Liquid Web's VP hosting outperforms the competition.

Cloud Spectator tested the server's processor and disk performance in addition to each component of the LAMP stack. LiquidWeb's VPS servers  tested best with scores routinely double or triple that of rival offerings from Amazon, Rackspace, and DigitalOcean.

  • Liquid Web's VPS processor performance recorded more than double the scores posted by Amazon,
    and nearly doubled those from DigitalOcean and Rackspace.
  • Liquid Web was the clear winner, with nearly three times more disk input/output operations per second.
  •  Apache on Liquid Web's VPS effortlessly handled 25 percent more requests per second than the next closest competitor.
  • In the tests, Liquid Web's VPS completed twice as many MySQL transactions per second as Amazon and DigitalOcean, and 130 percent more than Rackspace.
  • PHP was up to 40 percent higher on Liquid Web's VPS.

While business is slow during the dog days of August it's a good time to see if you want to switch web hosts. We learned the hard way not assume that all webhosts can guarantee uptime during Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Liquid Web is running specials right now. For Liquid Managed VPS Hosting deals, you can get $10 for the First Month on 1GB plan- or $40 off any VPS plan. These plans are powered by SSD drive with free SSL and free Domain.

The Best Support is Worth Every Penny

Often when there circumstances when Liquid Web helped our business in situations that we couldn't fix ourselves. For example, even though we were paying web designers thousands of dollars they frequently in the middle of the night would do something that would cause the website to go down. They were not using a separate development site but were using the live website. Every moment the server was down, we were losing money.

Because Liquid Web has 24-hour heroic support, with the help of tech support, we were able to do things like restore a backup in the middle of the night or get help figuring out how to fix the problem.

Help with the kinds of problems caused by web developers when the developer can't fix it themselves from Liquid Web has been phenomenal.

Sometimes the staff was so upset, someone was crying in the middle of the night because one  of our company websites was down due to errors from other service providers or web developers.

At one point, we signed up for a security service and the security service was slower than Liquid Web. Since the security service was in Israel they did not provide 24-hour support and could not get help from them.  We would have had to wait overnight to disengage the service.  A phone call to the support staff at Liquid Web and we were able to fix the problem.

One time, Liquid Web support spent 4 hours on the phone until we figured out a way to restore one week's worth of writing which contained about 30 different articles that were lost.

The Next Level of Server and Support Storm on Demand and SSD Drives

In 2011, it was a very tragic time because t of the Google Panda update in which contents stolen from Wireless and Mobile news from strange parts of the world was ranking higher than the original content. We frequently received help from Liquid Web to figure out ways to get the speed of Wireless and Mobile News faster and more compatible with Google webmaster guidelines.

At the height of Wireless Mobile News, some days we were getting 200 - 1000 page views a minute. That's when we switched to Liquid Web Storm on Demand because we could configure servers to handle the amount of traffic easily and quickly.

Whenever we had an issue or a new situation for web hosting Liquid Web always had the answer, we finally decided upon using SSD servers because they are the fastest. Server instances  can be expanded very quickly to deal with unexpected incredible amounts of web traffic.

We also instituted two forms of backup Storm on Demand backup and CPanel backup. It is very important to have not only one but two backups.

Current Storm on Demand and Dedicated Server Deals from LiquidWeb

Our readers can choose from different Storm dedicated servers with 24/7 technical support. Discounts currently available are $150 off the first month of plans. Liquid Web Storm salable servers that you can change almost instantly. Liquid Web Storm scalable servers that you can change almost instantly.Use Coupon Code CLOUD150 for $150 OFF.

Or you can get $80 off on any plan or your 1st month $50 on single processor plan for Storm Dedicated Servers.

More Liquid Web Support

Liquid Web support staff  are trained to the highest standards in the industry. Over time, we developed relationships with tech support team members who went above and beyond what any other human would do. For example, when we switched from Moveable Type to WordPress, Jeff Gaudie make special backups in the middle of the night because there were many problems with the conversion.

Liquid Web WordPress Hosting

We have been using WordPress since 2011, the Liquid Web support team has always been helpful. Liquid Web WordPress hosting beats WPEngine, Pagely and Pantheon and FlyWheel because of  owns it own data centers and also offers the fullest suite of support services with on-site support, 24/7 phone support, live chat and help desk support. Many of the techs have given us suggestions about WordPress that WordPress developers don't know. In fact, a WordPress developer who contributes code to WordPress upon seeing our relationship with Liquid Web decided to refer a very large media industry client to Liquid Web.

Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting: $25 off any plan!

More Heroic Support Stories in Recent Months

This year AUTO Connected Car News, another Aproprose publication experienced some of the worst theft and problems we have ever experienced on the web. A rogue website took the entire contents of AUTO Connected Car News and posted it somewhere in the Netherlands hosted by a web host with affiliations in South Africa. The copied website was showing AdSense ads the company made money off of the content we spent ears creating.

Liquid Web along with our CDN provider MaxCDN helped to diagnose ways that we could get the contents down. It included is over 2,000 blog posts. Finally, we discovered that the domain name was registered in the United States. The domain name provider was able to contact the thief and ultimately get the content taken down

More recently, we have had problems with newsletter software due to the problems of spam. We have severe un-fair anti-spam policy. Liquid Web support staff Joe and Ryan, helped to finally clear up the problems.

When a developer website was hacked, Liquid Web staff helped clean up the mess caused by the hacker sending out thousands of illicit spam emails.

Liquid Web Dedicated Server Deals

Due to traffic growth, we are now considering one of the best hosting deals we've seen in a while. Liquid Web is offering double the amount of RAM on dedicated servers as well as 40% off the first three months. RAM also known as memory is extremely important to processing information.

Liquid Web offers customized managed dedicated servers with Fast SSD Drives Special discounts for our readers the  40% off your first 3 months now for dedicated servers ends September 29.

The people who work at Liquid Web stay there for years which is a good sign. The sales manager has been there since 2009, when we first started using their service. Although the money plans may be slightly more than other web hosts, if you figure a web developer charges $55 an hour and in most cases Liquid Web support can solve the same problems, Liquid Web web hosting is the best deal around.

The heroic support is nothing less than spectacular.

We rate the Liquid Web service 5-Stars for great technology, dedicated servers and support staff as well an over good feeling about an American company that hires Americans who speak the same language, we do friendly knowledgeable technology .

Liquid Web Storm VPS -- Managed VPS Hosting, Powered by SSD Technology

PROS: Best Things About Liquid Web Services:

  • Stellar technical support by live intelligent English-speaking American specially trained techs.
  • Extremely fast servers with multiple configurations available.
  • Support for the most popular formats, WordPress, Linux, JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, PHP, etc.


It can be confusing as to what services to buy and also prices at first seem higher than competitors. However, if you factor you the savings from the excellent tech support and less down time, you are saving money. Because the tech support is so popular, some times you have to wait on hold to talk to a tech.



5 / 5 stars