Review: Swiftpoint GT- a better ergonomic mouse without painful traps

swiftpointhandyI have been a long time computer user.  My first mouse was a big brick-like thing that did not resemble the human hand at all.  Over time, mice became sleeker and a bit more maneuverable. However, the shape of pointing devices hasn't changed much in the last 25 years.  Many people  stopped using mice when they switched to a notebook computer. Most notebook computers use a touchpad  that is sufficient for moving the mouse around  the screen.  Unfortunately, scrolling and highlighting text on a touchpad extenuate the thumb, stretching out by hand in an unnatural position that will eventually cause pain.

At CES this year, I took my notebook computer and used it to edit video. Video editing software relies heavily on clicking and dragging, sizing and other functions that caused extreme pain from the bottom of my thumb into my wrist.

When I returned home and began using a basic computer mouse with my main desktop computer the pain continued.  I found out that the gripping action required for clicking and dragging a mouse is the culprit for pain.

What I missed at  CES because I was busy covering autonomous driving cars, was the new device that is a much better mouse without the ergonomic traps of other pointing devices the Swiftpoint GT Wireless Ergonomic Mobile Mouse.

I looked at mice that came in hand sizes but they still required the deadly painful grip. I spend most of my day using a web-based software for either writing or surfing the net. Web-based software relies heavily on the mouse for scrolling, for moving through pages and for clicking.

After searching through many products, I found the Swiftpoint, even an ergonomic specialists who was helping me had not heard of it before.

The Swiftpoint is designed to be used more like a pencil, it doesn't require a tight grip to move. It is small enough that it can be used on the bottom of the notebook computer (next to the touchpad) and since it is Bluetooth compatible will work with tablets.

It is no surprise that the device won the CES Innovations Award. The designers re-engineered the brick mouse and brilliantly turned it into a natural extension of human ergonomic form.

travel in style cropped_burnedAn added bonus is that Swiftpoint allows touch gestures on a desk surface in space without having to touch the screen in Windows 8 and 10. It also worth with Macintosh computers. On top of that, it comes with a carrying case or can be magnetically attached to any device with a glue-on metal plate.

We originally had some problems with a review unit that didn't work properly. We were told to restart reset and various other methods. Finally, I called the New Zealand and told their PR guy, "I've installed hundreds of mice there is the problem."

We received another Swiftpoint that installed in seconds. The Switpoint GT requires an open USB port. It attaches to the USB port cap to be charged. After it is charged, it works seamlessly in Windows.

After using it for a few months there a few things I've observed which will help future owners.

When moving through webpages, the device automagically scrolls the page left, right, up or down to what you want to see.

The Swiftpoint actually works best on the stick-on pad that comes with the device. The next best surface materials are the bottom of a notebook computer or a traditional mouse pad. When I used it on my notebook computer the slide feel was exactly what I needed. However, I was using an old place mat for my other mouse which the Swiftpoint GT seemed to skate to slowly and walked around the desktop stage like a dancer in combat boots. The material that comes with the device is very fast and personally too fast and small for me when using a desktop computer with a large monitor. It would be nice in future editions to have a screen size option in the controlling software.

The only problem I have had with the Swiftpoint GT is due to  using a 26 inch monitor, the device is calibrated for a smaller screen such as a notebook computer. I also use a second 19"  portrait monitor for viewing e-mail. Sometimes, I have to move Swiftpoint past the standard mouse pad.

The device took some time to get used to, but became very intuitive overtime.  I like that the second mouse button is directly below the first mouse button and can be triggered with the index finger. For left mouse button clicks it requires a full release to activate.  I have small hands which makes no difference with this device. Scrolling with the scroll wheel lets you fly through long pages quickly even though many times scrolling is unnecessary.  The most important feature for me is that the click/drag function does not require a grip which over time causes pain.

Prior to finding the Swiftpoint, I tried large trackballs which were fine for moving around the screen but cause pain for the click and drag function, separate touchpads that also cause pain as well as a below the keyboard roller that looks like a paint roller to no avail.

The Swiftpoint  received rave reviews. It is patented and like nothing else on the market today. If you are a touch typist and don't like touching the screen, an artist, draftsperson or designer using  Windows 8 or Windows 10, the Swiftpoint could be a godsend.  For me, the Swiftpoint is a miracle in engineering and design.  It is well-worth trying out for anyone who uses a computer and likes to get to the point easily, without damaging hand, wrist or thumb muscles.

The Swiftpoint GT  sells for $149.00 on Amazon where it is called the best mouse in the world, ever.

Rating 5 out of 5 for developing a new category in pointing device.


  • Easy to install.
  • Excellent design.
  • Handy size.
  • Doesn't cause extenuating pain.
  • Rechargable battery.
  • Connects to USB port or works with Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Enhanced gesture control with Windows 8 and 10.
  • Lightweight.
  • Adorable

Cons -

  • Doesn't work as well with huge monitor.

See SwiftPoint GT in action in the video that follows.


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