Free Government Cell Phones for Low-Income Providers Fined

FCClogoMany people don't know that in some states low-income households can get a free cell phone with around 250 minutes a month using the Lifeline subsidies from taxes paid on telecommunication services. However some people may have blown through many free cell phones during the time period when the providers of these services were not checking.

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Mo' Free Cell Phones from Assurance in MO

MOMore states have gotten free cell phones for low-income customers through the Lifeline program. Assurance Wireless now offers free cell phone service to qualifying low-income customers in the state of Missouri.

In February, Life Wireless started offering services to Arizona where Assurance also offers Lifeline cellular service. Earlier this month Assurance and ReachOut began offering Lifeline cell service in California.

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More Free Cell Phones for Low-Income in Arizona (AZ)

Life Wireless

Life WirelessLife Wireless is now offering subsidized mobile phone service to eligible low-income residents in Arizona.  Assurance Wireless also offers free cell phone service for low-income households in the state with the Sprint footprint.

Life Wireless customers receive a basic mobile handset with voicemail, text messaging, call waiting, and other features that total 125 minutes a month.  Smartphones are not available. Other free cell phone calling plans offer up to 250 minutes a month.

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Free Cell Phones Voice & Text for Low-Income in Arizona (AZ)

Assurance Wireless

Assurance WirelessAssurance Wireless is now offering free cell phones to load-income households in Arizona through the Federal Lifeline Assistance Fund.  The company also offers discounted service for more minutes and text messages for those who qualify.  Assurance Wireless is provided through Virgin Mobile and covers the same areas as the Sprint network.

The free cell phones can be used for personal and business purposes. New guidelines allow for separate household that live at the same address to be eligible including residents of homeless shelters and nursing homes.

To learn more about Assurance Wireless, including eligibility requirements, please call 1-800-395-2171 or visit

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