Preorders Start for Nokia Lumia 925 2Day

925att_465The Nokia Lumia 925 with the exclusive black aluminum body will be available for preoder today for $99.99 with a contract.  It will be sold in stores on September 13 for $21 per month for AT&T next customers.

The Nokia Lumia 925 specs include a 4.5" 1280x768 touchscreen 8.7MP camera, front camera, 1GB RAM, 16GB onboard storage, dedicated camera button, Windows Phone OS and dual-core 1.5GHz processor. It also comes with free Nokia Music streaming and Nokia Here maps.

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$99 Nokia Lumia 521 Sold-Out, LG F3 4 & More MetroPCS

MetroPCS in now available in 15 more markets since it has merged with T-Mobile. MetroPCS will be switching spectrum in new markets where data speed will be increased seven-times. Once again the feature-packed bargain-priced Nokia Lumia 521 sold-out. It is no longer available online but can be found at some MetroPCS stores

MetroPCS is now offering its “Bring Your Own Phone” program to all of its customers with compatible phones.

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Nokia Lumia 520 Best Smartphone Deal: GoPhone AT&T

Lumia520The phone will almost all the features of the iPhone at one fifth the price is available for  AT&T's GoPhone service, starting, Friday,  July 26 which is the same day the cameratastic Lumia 1020 launches. Nokia calls it the more fun smartphone while others are calling it a great deal and the cheapest Windows Phone.

This model the Nokia Lumia 520 does not support LTE that is now covered by the AT&T GoPhone plans.It has almost all the features of the Nokia Lumia 521. Some reports suggest it will work with HSPA+, AT&T identifies it as 4G.

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Best Weekend Deal Nokia Lumia 521 $99 Cheapest Smartphone Around

Nokia lUmia 521

When the Nokia Lumia 521 was launched on HSN it sold out. The Lumia 521 at Walmart for $129 was hard to get and kept being sold-out.

Well the Lumia 521 is back in stock and HSN has slashed the price down to $99.99 with no contract required and free shipping. The Nokia Lumia 521 is being called the cheapest phone with the most features for the best price comparable to $300 phones.

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