AT&T #1 Twice, Boost & MetroPCS Top Prepaid

J.D. Power released its latest buying experience customer satisfaction findings and customer care findings. AT&T was ranked number one for both buying and customer care.  Boost Mobile provided the best buying experience while MetroPCS (now owned by T-Mobile) offered the best customer care experience.

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iPhone 5 & iOS Sales Boosted by T-Mobile Deals

Apple's iPhone is gaining market share due to iPhone sales on T-Mobile which is the lowest price from a major carrier for an iPhone(cheaper prices are now available from Virgin Mobile and Straight Talk). Most of the T-Mobile iPhone buyers came from feature phones.

For the three months ending May 2013, the iPhone 5 was the best-selling smartphone at T-Mobile even though sales started in in April. iPhone sales accounted for 31% of T-Mobile’s smartphone sales over this period.

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Smartphones Go Phabulous Bigger than iPhone 5 Preferred

Remember your old landline phone the length of the handset is eight inches, smartphones and cell phones are finally catching up to the old ringers. According to Strategy Analytics notes that the size of smartphone have outgrown the original 3.5" iPhone by quite a bit.

Last year in the second half of the year, existing smartphone owners were most likely to be interested in devices with a screen size between 4.2” and 4.7” with 4.5” was the most-wanted size. Buyers who intended to buy a smartphone preferred smaller smartphones. The preferred size is no larger than the iPhone 5 which is now 4."

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