Ability to Unlock iPhone 4/4S/5/5S Free Coming from New FCC Agreement


LockiPhones are expensive and often after paying for it on a two-year contract, it would be nice to unlock it from a carrier and use it with another carrier or plan. Currently, Apple defers all requests for unlocking iPhones to the carriers.  Getting an unlocking code from a carrier for an iPhone can be difficult. Policies can require jumping through lots of hoops.  After pressure from the FCC, carriers today officially confirmed to the FCC and through the CTIA that they have reached an agreement for industry wide cell phone unlocking protocols.

Chairman Tom Wheeler at the FCC sent an open letter to the wireless industry, last month encouraging them to adopt voluntary guidelines.

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Do You Really Need an iPhone 5S/5/4/4S or Android or Find Cheapest Prepaid Cell Phone Deals?

bestdealspart1Recent reports show that smartphone marketshare in the United States is 62.5% with Apple's iPhone in the lead. Those other 37.5%  remaining may be wondering if they really need an iPhone or smartphone at all.

The biggest barrier to buying a smartphone for many of the people, I have interviewed is the monthly price. If you get a plan from a major carrier such as AT&T or Verizon, you can expect to pay close to $100 a month for a plan.  You can get better deals from T-Mobile, but you will have to pay for the smartphone or iPhone upfront or in installments.

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Best Cheap Deals for iPhone 5S, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S/Note & Nexus Gifts for Green Monday-Tuesday.

gfitwrapiZPhonecaseGifts for people who love technology can be expensive, to show your appreciation for a friend or family member who has the top of line gadgets, you don't have to blow your savings, you just have to think like a geek. Then you find great presents for people who own an iPad, iPhone 4/4S/5/S, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S 11-4 or Nexus 4/5/7/10. We also found an excellent cheap deal for the iPhone 5S that makes it more affordable than before.

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