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Review of Reviews 3.5Pantech duo Rated 3.5 out 5 by Wireless and Mobile News Review of Reviews

Pantech duo is the little sister of the Helio Ocean, it’s smaller but
has many of the same features including two keypads: a portrait keypad
for phone calls and landscape QWERTY keypad
for messages or Web surfing. The reviews so far have been good,
but unexciting because of the big splash previously made by the Ocean.


One complaint was that when you slide open the numerical keypad the phone
does not answer or hang-up. It appears that big-handed reviewers
found the QWERTY keypad to be too small,
while having the delete and enter keys next to each other created problems.
Having two keypads, however, is the one of best features of the phone
as well as good audio quality. If you are considering buying the phone,
we suggest that you try out the keypads to see if you like them, first.

The Web and IM 3G access for the Pantech duo was called “speedy” and most reviewers liked its small size, except when using the QWERTY keypad.  Reviewers also commented on the short battery life, and lack of Wi-Fi and GPS. They found fault with the subpar design and flimsiness.

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PhoneScoop’s video on YouTube
called the Pantech Duo, “Bulky, but a nice entry into the smartphone
world.” The Windows operation buttons were a little clumsy and he
wishes that the QWERTY keys were more tactile.  The delete key next to the return key also caused problems but text typing was still fairly fast.

Danny Dumas at Wired
wrote, “the stunner here is the hot, hot, two-way slider action.” He
found the Windows OS  “responsive,” call quality was good to
great, and battery life was impressive. “The Duo is overall a rousing
success, aptly combining the simplicity of a dumb handset with the deep
features of a true smart phone.”  Positive aspects of the phone
were its good audio quality, loud speakerphone and accesible MicroSD
slot.  He was concerned about the cramped keyboard, low res camera
and no Wi-Fi or GPS.


Jeffry L. Wilson at Laptop Magazine, found that the “duo still supplies messaging-savvy consumers and young professionals with a good all-purpose device that won’t weigh them down.” Text messaging, email and speedy Web surfing were accomplished, but he was frustrated by placement of the soft menu keys at the ends of keyboard. Call quality was good and the phone only lasted one day on a charge.

Boy Genius Report reported
about the Pantech duo that it was really small, “the keyboard is worlds
better than the Helio Ocean.” He found the 3G to be a pleasure, but was
concerned about battery life.

Nicole Lee at CNET rated the Pantech Duo 6.7 out of 10, calling the design subpar, cheap and flimsy.  Downloading files was fast and the photos, screen colors/clarity and call quality were excellent.