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Review of Reviews 4HTC Touch (Sprint) rated 4 out of 5 by Wireless and Mobile News Review of Reviews

Before you get in touch with the HTC Touch Windows smartphone, please be aware that there are two models available in the US, the first model that came out in
June was an unlocked GSM phone that was always compared to the iPhone
and has sold over 800,000 units.

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The new Sprint version is enhanced with  EV-DO support and
compatibility with the Sprint Music Store and Sprint TV. This Sprint
version does not support Wi-Fi but has a faster processor and more
sensitive touch capabilities. The TouchFlo interface is programmable
and well-liked by users and reviewers. Some reviewers raved about the
phone calling it “hot” and ‘hands down one of the best devices I’ve
used in the past two years.”  While many reviewers did not like
the fact that the phone does not have a keyboard.

TouchFlo interface is easy to learn and use while entertainment
features of the phone rated highly. The HTC Touch has good call, video
and camera quality.  The HTC Touch is truly an instance where we
suggest you  “try before you buy.”  If you have good
finger/eye coordination, the HTC Touch may be your phone, but if you’re
keyed into keyboards, the HTC Touch shouldn’t touch your heart or

The HTC Touch costs $249.99 with a 2 year Sprint contract and rebate.


Mobile Tech Review reported that the newer Sprint version of the HTC touch including a faster  400MHz CPU, more sensitive touch and due to its entertainment features, “it’s hot.” The TouchFlo interface is adaptable and programmable to the user who doesn’t like hardware buttons. Call, sound, video and photo quality of the phone were good to excellent. The battery lasted 2.5 days with normal use, a stylus was needed to operate the phone occasionally.

Peter Ha at CrunchGear calls Sprint’s HTC Touch, ‘hands down one of the best devices I’ve used in the past two years.” He liked the nice bright screen it’s tiny size but high power, the intuitive interface, “wicked” fast Sprint network, stereo Bluetooth, and expandable microSD slot.  The only thing he doesn’t like about the HTC Touch is the lack of a keyboard. He finishes his rave review with, “If you’re a Sprint customer then I highly suggest you pick this up. If you’re not a Sprint customer then I suggest you switch.”

Bonnie Cha’s review at CNET wasn’t as glowing.  Although the fast EV-DO network, Bluetooth, gripable  rubbery finish and Sprint Multimedia options were good, she still found the tiny screen a pain to enter text, the speaker weak and the microSD slot hard to access.  The HTC Touch was rated 7 out of 10 by CNET and 8.2 of 10 by reader user opinions.

Sascha Seagan at eWeek wrote, “Though this is the most elegant and finger-friendly Windows Mobile phone yet, it’s no iPhone.”  He noted that the camera took over-exposed photos and the absence of GPS. He also disliked the keyboard for text entry, huge adapter for wired headphones,.

Comment from Wireless and Mobile News:
At a recent mobile marketing event, we observed a Hollywood producer gawk at a demo HTC Sprint phone. He stopped listening to the presentation and just wanted to play with the phone. This phone looks really good in person and because the producer was already a Sprint customer he was ecstatic.