PockFinder LBS Service Ready for T-Mobile G1

Android smartphone users can now
download the PocketFinder service for their

Location Based Technologies (LBT), has fully tested this service for just-launched T-Mobile G1.

The Android-based PocketFinder service is now available for a 15-day
free trial and then will be offered for $4.95/month per phone through
the month of November. It will remain at that price as long as the
account is kept current and in good standing. You may download from www.pocketfinder.com
or from Android Market at www.android.com/market.

The service will allow Android smartphone users to integrate with the
PocketFinder family of products when U.S. sales begin. PocketFinder
and PetFinder devices use advanced technology
to help families stay connected. As the smallest known single-board
GSM/GPS devices, they easily fit into a pocket, purse or backpack and
can be accessed via the Internet, cell phone or landline to show their
exact location in real time. In addition, the devices include several
advanced features such as designating customizable alert areas as
electronic "fences"
to notify when a family member or pet leaves or enters a specified area.
The devices can even track vehicle speeds to encourage safe driving