Apple iPhone iPod Top Apps Announced

texasholdem.gifApple has released the the top iPhone Apps downloaded this year. It looks like games rule as well as social networking.

Premium Paid iPhone Apps

  1. Apple’s Texas Hold ‘Em,
  2. Freeverse’s Moto Chaser
  3. Vivendi Games Mobile’s Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D,
  4. Sega’s Super Monkey Ball
  5. Pangea Software’s Cro-Mag Rally
  6. Pangea Enigmo.
  7. The Blimp Pilots’ Koi Pond,
  8. Shinya Kasatani’s PocketGuitar
  9. Retronyms’ Recorder
  10. Hottrix’s iBeer



  1. Facebook
  2. AOL’s AIM
  3. Google Earth
  4. Urbanspoon.
  5. Apple’s Remote
  6. The MacBox’s Lightsaber Unlimited
  7. Pandora Radio
  8. Shazam.
  9. Tapulous’ Tap Tap Revenge
  10. Codify AB’s Labyrinth Lite Edition.