iPhone Therefore iFart? iPhone Fart Wars - Pull My Finger vs iFart

What iPhone app has blasted to the top of the entertainment category? It even gassed past Koi Pond and the burpiliscious iBeer. Really, we are not pulling your finger.

iFart Mobile is a digital sound machine with many fart functions. It has a built-in security system, designed to surprise and discourage iPhone theft. iFart for iPhone also as a "Sneak Attack" function for pulling pranks on parents, children, friends, teachers, workmates and employers alike.

This gaseous news is not good news to the iPhone app that was rejected in September by the iPhone App Store, "Pull My FInger." Pull My Finger is now back in the entertainment category and appears to have lost some of it flatulence to iFart. We have not been able to tell which app provides the best fart and most fun. Videos follow to help you decide.

This is what we figured out. iFart's YouTube video says, "iFart- Pull My Finger." It sure looks like they stole the concept from Pull My Finger. iFart was posted 12/16 . The Pull My Finger video was posted 9/08.

Research reveals that there are 14 fart-related apps in the Apple iPhone App store. 

It looks like they had the same ideas simultaneously.

Maybe, farting is just a universal iPhone concept. As far as the sound goes, on Pull My Finger, the last time I pulled someone's finger, it was a much lower pitched fart.The iFart  sound seemed mono-tonal. To find out the best fart sound, there would have to be a double-blind study with the real thing.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “iPhone Therefore iFart? iPhone Fart Wars - Pull My Finger vs iFart”

  1. We were developing iFart before anyone had heard of Pull My Finger. After all, the concept is not rocket science.

    Our website launched on 8/31/2008

    If you look at our current release date you'll see it's October 14, 2008, not December 16th as you state. (note we have a new release hitting any day now so that date will change)

    Our features are what have taken us to the #1 position and those features are what are being copied by the other fart apps now.

    The new features coming this week will blow people away.

    • The Pull My Finger Video appeared before the iFart video.

      It's not clear who developed the concept first. What is clear until there is a double blind study for the best sound emulation, there is no winner to the fart wars.

      May the best fart win.

  2. By concept I assumed you were referring to the App, not the video, as our video is an obvious parody of Apple's popular iPhone commercials.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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