Moto Tops Losing to Samsung and LG in 2009, Says MultiMedia Intelligence

MultiMedia Intelligence projects that Motorola will remain the most
successful mobile handset manufacturer in the US market in 2008, but
that share is rapidly fading. According to recent
research by MultiMedia Intelligence, Motorola is projected to
provide 21% of all handsets consumed in the consumer market in the US.
Samsung and LG are closing fast and promise to surpass Motorola in 2009.

"The market share changes among the top mobile handset providers is
noteworthy; however, it is not the story of the market," according to
Rick Sizemore, chief strategy officer with MultiMedia Intelligence. "The
market share gains made by RIM and Apple are coming at the expense of
the market incumbents and are affecting the way the entire market

Key highlights of the research include:

  • In 2008, Samsung is the No. 1 ranked vender in terms of market share
    in the highly influential 12-to-17-year-old age-group. Samsung is also
    No. 1 among African American and Hispanic consumers.

  • Blackberry sales are expected to better than double in 2008. The most
    popular age demographic for Blackberry users in the US is 35-44.

  • LG is ranked No. 1 in 2008 in the 25-to-34-year-old segment, due to
    strong adoption by males in that segment.

  •  Nokia is the No. 1 vendor to the 65-and-older segment.
  • Women make up nearly 60% of all US Treo consumers. The strength of
    Treo among women versus men is most apparent in the younger segments.

    There are clear differences in the handset choices by different
    genders. Samsung is the No. 1 vendor to women in 2008, whereas
    Motorola is the No. 1 vendor to males.

Mobile Handset Market & Customer Segmentation"
analyzes the US
market for cellular handsets shipments by manufacturer in terms of: