Weathering with the BlackBerry Storm


This is the time of year when a change in the weather could mean a major change in your plans.  Here are some weather apps for the BlackBerry Storm to help you weather the holidays and trips to grandmas, the mall or Las Vegas.

Viigo users can view weather their weather and check 5 day forecasts your favorite cities in one simple menu.

KeyToss Mobile Web Portal  offers a 5 day weather forecast from MSN Weather. After you
register you can enter as many locations as you’d
like. And you can switch between them with a single click. Switch
between Celsius and Fahrenheit. View a weather map. Check out the five
day forecast. Other features of KeyToss include a Flight Status Tool,
Snow Conditions Tool, Currency Converter, and a Translation Tool. Since
it is a web tool it will work only in the BlackBerry Storm Browser.

WeatherBug’s free app for BlackBerry Storm has many weather features including current weather forecast and National Weather Service alerts for your GPS location while the current condition icon shows the outdoor temp and the BlackBerry desktop.
WeatherBug offers weekly, hourly, forecasts. It also shows detailed radar maps and you can check on weather in a specific area by touching on the map fro 2 seconds. You can view photos and time lapsed animation from weather cams all over the U.S.

WeatherBug can be downloaded free directly from this link .

The Weather Channel 2.0
for BlackBerry currently is not compatible with the BlackBerry Storm but does work with the the BlackBerry Bold. Their website says the Storm version is coming soon. It will include a
GPS location tracker and traffic maps with incident reports.