BlackBerry Version of Slacker Radio with Cache: BlackBerry Storm Version Soon


Slacker, is now offering their free Slacker Mobile Radio app for BlackBerry
smartphones.  The BlackBerry version has exclusive caching feature so that you can listen to radio even when you are not connect to a network.  The music is stored on a memory card, which saves battery life increasing the amount of playback time 5 times more than data-streamed musc.

The BlackBerry version also allows mulit-tasking of email, IM or browsing, while listening to Slacker.

The application, which is compatible with BlackBerry
Device Software version 4.3 and higher is available as a free download
by visiting Slacker.com from your BlackBerry smartphone.

They will release ta BlackBerry Storm version shortly. While FlyCast already has a BlackBerry Storm version of their app.

We spoke to the Slacker spokesman who said that the advantages of Slacker over Pandora are that the radio stations are programmed by DJs who have years of experience picking and mixing music and Slacker has a larger database of songs.

The Slacker music service enables listeners to enjoy
Personal Radio stations and hear their favorite music without ever
having to manage playlists or research new artists. Included in the
Slacker application for BlackBerry smartphones are detailed artist bios
and album reviews for each song that is played, providing the ultimate
resource for music discovery. The Slacker Mobile application works with
the free Slacker Basic Radio service, along with Slacker Radio Plus and
Slacker Premium Radio subscription offerings.

Slacker Mobile for BlackBerry smartphones offers:

  • Free music library featuring millions of songs
  • High-quality stereo playback from cached stations and all streaming wireless connections
  • Over 100 professionally programmed genre stations
  • Create custom artist stations
  • Station caching for music playback anywhere, greatly improved battery life and accelerated application performance
  • Multi-tasking - listen to music while doing email
  • View artist biographies and photos
  • View album art and reviews
  • "Peek Ahead" artist and album preview
  • Pause and skip songs
  • Rate songs as favorites
  • Ban songs and artists you don't like

The Slacker Personal Radio Mobile application for BlackBerry
smartphones is available immediately as a free download by visiting
Slacker.com from your BlackBerry web browser or visit
www.slacker.com/blackberry for more details.

BlackBerry Storm users who want to listen to mobile radio can currently use FlyCast.